Why Buy Antiques

Furniture, there are so many styles and fashions. Many modern functional pieces at affordable prices so why buy antiques? There are several good reasons and probably many more than we will mention here but below are a few to consider.

Historical value

Antique furniture carries a story and in many cases fascinating stories. From conception to the placement you can learn about the furniture makers drawings, the use of materials, tools even the workshops that a piece of furniture was manufactured in. The individual or family that commissioned the piece and the property it resided in. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be derived from learning the provenance of a piece.

The Hunt

Many buyers and collectors enjoy researching catalogues or browsing shops and auctions to find their desired antiques. Investing your time in the pursuit of something individual and meaningful brings a great deal of satisfaction. Who knows what you may stumble across in your search!

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Antique furniture is environmentally sustainable. In a time where we are being asked to reduce depletion of the earth’s resources, we have an opportunity to act responsibly while buying something unique and valuable.

This aside a great deal of antique furniture is incredibly practical to use in our day to day lives whether in our homes or offices.