Antique Restoration

Butler and Castell specialise in the restoration of carved wood, gilded and decorated 18th-century furniture, this includes expertise in antique gilding restoration, wax finishing, polishing, reviving and restoration of painted surfaces, amongst many other services. Using traditional methods our restorers, carvers and gilders will carry out a thoroughly professional service. Please take time to read our ‘how we work ‘ section, where we outline our methods of restoration and conservation and our communication with you, the client.

We can offer written estimates, condition and conservation reports including copies for insurance claims.

With more than 70 years of experience, we are able to offer the highest quality of service and will consider all art and antique restoration or reproduction projects regardless of size, complexity or location. We have clean safe and secure workshops which are based alongside our antique shop in Norfolk. Our antique restoration and reproduction work is carried out for the United Kingdom and overseas customers, particularly for the London and New York antique dealers and private collectors.

The Regency convex mirror (right) is an example of a recently finished mirror restoration project.


How We Work

Furniture Restoration work takes time and attention to detail and our years of experience mean that we are able to use tools and products which bring back the full beauty of a piece. Our wood carvers and gilders, polishers and cabinet makers use traditional methods and materials synonymous with antique repair, restoration and construction. Wherever possible we strive to save original surfaces whether water gilding, wax finishing or french polishing or conserving painted finishes. Our gilding is carried out using traditional methods and mediums whilst using high-quality gold leaf and silver leaf.

When we undertake a project we are happy to offer a no-fee estimate subject to access or image quality. If we find unforeseen issues we will discuss this with the client to consider the best approach forward. We will send emailed images of the progress of your project so that as a client you are fully informed as work progresses.

If you require more information, estimates. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

We work in the antique trade and know that good quality restoration is the key to retaining the value of any piece. We have worked with the Butler & Castell team for many years and find them to be a trusted group of professionals who love what they do.
— M & M, London