Our Team

It’s not hard to do what you love and working with nice people is a real bonus! Find out more about our team of skilled wood carvers, gilders and restoration experts also and some of our trusted affiliates.




Graham started gilding at the age of eleven, working for Matei Radev, gilder and Picture frames in London's, West End. On leaving his school he joined W. Thomas Restorations. After six years Graham left to form Griss & Butler and continued serving the antique trades leading dealers for a further thirty years. These included notable dealers including Apter Fredericks, Ronald Phillips, Stair & Co, Butchoff Antiques, Kentshire, Mallett and many more.

In 1998 Barry Griss retired and Nigel Castell became a partner to form Butler and Castell. The partnership went on to join BAFRA and ICON bringing in conservation projects from the National Trust, Hatfield House, Kiffy Stainer Hutchins conservation and more recently, Wolterton Hall.

Butler and Castell in collaboration with Lord Vincent Constantine have formed Reepham Antiques in an exciting project to bring a ‘little bit of Bond Street’ to Norfolk.




Nigel’s childhood included Victorian bottle collecting, metal detecting and a mother who had a passion for art and painting which probably led to his appreciation of antiques. Following this, his teenage years were mostly spent on, in or near water sailing, fishing or windsurfing when he should have been studying.  

Nigel started his career in antique restoration as a gilder at Griss and Butler in 1983 after leaving college having studied IT, computer programming, accounts and statistics! He developed his experience of restoring eighteenth-century furniture under the watchful eye of his business partner Graham.

Graham and Nigel formed Butler and Castell as a new antique Restoration and Conservation business in 2001 and have since opened Reepham Antiques in 2016.

In recent times he has found the knowledge of IT has been quite handy with the development of our website, social media and operating satellite navigation!

When he is not talking or gilding and restoring, he can usually be found taking photographs of our latest stock and posting them on Instagram. If possible, he likes to visit the major antique fairs including Masterpiece, Olympia, BADA and Lapada.




Amy spent most her childhood firmly in her father’s shadow copying and ‘helping’ (hindering) with a variety of different tasks from painting and decorating to stringing bulbs with Graham and Nigel on their 30 foot Christmas tree.

It seemed only natural to join the family business after studying performing arts and theatre in York.

Amy had met most of the prestigious London fine art and antique dealers as a child and was a welcome asset to the team! She quickly took charge of ‘the boys’, running the office, alongside learning the trade after a brief spell of administration at Bonhams. Amy is an experienced gilder and also our resident painted surfaces and picture restorer.

Butler and Castell grew, took on a showroom and Amy started her family. One of her proudest memories is bringing her son James into the workshop hours after he was born, before taking him home! Both he and his sister Sofia are frequent visitors to the workshop where they both love to ‘help’ their grandfather as their mother once did.

Amy continues to have a cup of tea with dad and Nigel as she has for 31 years!




Kayleigh joined Butler and Castell in 2011. Having always had a passion for history, a love for antique furniture was a natural side effect of becoming a gilder.

Along with trips to the London museums, she has also enjoyed visiting Olympia and Masterpiece antique fairs.

Kayleigh is a valued and knowledgeable member of the team and definitely the person to have present for general knowledge!