Murano glass centre piece

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A twentieth century Murano glass centre piece signed by Maestro Imperio Rossi. This piece makes a stunning impact on a table or desk.

Dimensions: H 14" X W 12.5 X D 4"

Price: £850.00

Rossi started in 1964 at the age of thirteen, following in his fathers footsteps. The following is taken from the Marco Polini website:

Maestro Imperio Rossi loves making glass masterpieces because that is how he gives shape to his ideas that embody his creativity. This passion started in 1964 when, at age thirteen, he began learning from his father and other maestri the tradition that has lived in Murano for over one thousand years.

Making glass is a team effort. Master Rossi has owned his furnace since 1986 and is joined by maestro Mario Costantini, and a small team of glass craftspeople who share his dedication and passion for creating beautiful artistic glass. His daughter Sara and his son also help run the business.

Maestro Imperio specialized in the technique of fusions and inclusions, a skill that is evident, for example, in his murrina pieces. Murrina is a very ancient technique, already practiced in Roman times, by means of which cross-sections of colorful tubes of glass are grouped together and welded, forming the desired decoration.

Because of his small physical build he has always focused on smaller items such as vases, decorative accessories, artistic sculptures, cups, Christmas ornaments, lamp shades, etc. Maestro Rossi's creations have a distinct element of beauty and a profound artistic soul that speak to the observer.

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